September 19, 2017

Young Boy makes a Difference

Many readers saw the photo posted on our facebook page last week of Tyrone and his generous gift to United Through Reading. His mentor from BAE Systems, Suzanne Lynch, was able to recognize him with the following words in front of his elementary school. It is such a heartwarming story and can interest our youngest supporters in becoming philanthropists!

My name is Sue Lynch and I work @ BAE Systems and also am a mentor in the mentoring program that we have with your school district.
I’m here today to share a little story with all of you that touched my heart deeply as well as the hearts of many others that I have shared this with. Last week, during our BAE mentoring program, one of your fellow students, Tyrone Baker, approached me and told me that he wanted to make a donation to the soldiers (for the reading program) and then he handed me $1. I was so touched by his thoughtfulness that I told him to take his $1 back and I would donate $1 in his name just because of how very touched I was. He then handed his $1 back to me and told me that he wanted to use his $1, not mine!

So, I took his $1 and I donated it in Tyrone’s name to a military campaign that BAE had just launched for United Through Reading; this program provides our soldiers with books to choose from that they are recorded reading to their children and families while they are deployed serving our country. The book and videos are then sent home for their children to watch on TV so that they can have the sense that they are still spending time with their mommy or daddy while they are away.

Tyrone Baker, a 4th grader, donated $1 of his own money to our virtual book drive sponsored by BAE Systems

Tyrone’s donation has allowed for a soldier who is away from his family serving our country to do just this and for that I would like to thank Tyrone on behalf of BAE Systems and the United Through Reading organization by presenting him with this letter that was written specifically for Tyrone and this coin. This coin is a military tradition which means that Tyrone is a very special person in the eyes of United Through Reading – Tyrone now stands alongside many of their other friends like Jeff Kinney, the author of the book “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”.

I would like to close this out with a message to all of you young boys and girls to think about how much of an impact such a small thought or generosity can have on others. So when you are walking down the halls of the school and you pass a classmate, remember that something as simple as a smile or a simple hello can make a huge difference in someone’s day and maybe even change it for the better!

At United Through Reading we are pleased to see how a virtual book drive has reached beyond the walls of BAE Systems facilities and even beyond the mainly adult audience we host online. In our letter of recognition to Tyrone we included these words: 

We know that each recording makes a difference, and we want you to know that you are playing a part in making that difference. Your contribution helps us expand our programs to unite more families facing physical separation through the powerful read-aloud experience. On their behalf, thank you!