September 19, 2017

Featured on AOL’s Daily Impact

Marcia shares an exciting week in Social Media…

What a week already, and it’s just Tuesday! It is truly a remarkable thing when a nonprofit can get the word out and boy did we ever. Thanks to AOL and their wonderful new Cause Module, Daily Impact, we were the  featured charity for 24 consecutive hours on the AOL homepage!

AOL has reserved a portion of their homepage allowing brands to highlight philanthropic causes they support.  Brands buying a home page campaign have the opportunity to make use of the unit – called Daily Impact – but are not required to do so, to feature a charity of their choice. AOL will fill the unit with causes from the Ad Council or Network For Good if no advertiser causes are filling it. And they did, with us! All day Sunday, April 17, 2011.

The metrics are still being reviewed but AOL has reported to us that during the 24-hours that United Through Reading was featured on Sunday, they had 25,796,101 impressions on their site and 4,434 AOL users clicked through to our landing page. That’s amazing.  We can’t say loudly enough, THANK YOU ~ AOL. We appreciate your support!