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“This program has had an incredible impact on our lives. Our daughter watches her videos every day and loves them. She reads along with her daddy and dances to his singing. It has helped to keep him in her life constantly and greatly eases the transition of his coming home. Without this program, many children would not know their deployed parent upon their return.”

Spouse at Home
USS Lake Champlain (CG 57)

“It only takes 20 minutes to give your family the memory of a lifetime.”

USMC Active Duty Coordinator

“I personally know this medium is a wonderful way to communicate with your family and helps bridge the days and the distance between all of us.

ET1 Kevin Manuel- ADC
USS James Williams DDG 95

“I arrived home from work on Friday to find a small cardboard envelope from my husband. There was a small DVD inside! Right away, I put the DVD in the player and there was my husband! He started talking and I thought how great it was to send a DVD message. I am 5 months pregnant, so he said hello to the baby and then he said he wanted to baby to get used to his voice. He started reading a book to the baby! My heart just melted, He looked so great and it was just like he was sitting in front of us! Then he read another book. The first time I saw the DVD I just cried. It was so sweet and I am so grateful that his daughter will hear his voice. Now, I play the DVD everyday and it really soothes me to hear his voice and see his face. After he read the book, he talked to us for a little while. The DVD was about 10 minutes long. I love it because our daughter will be able to watch this DVD forever and see where her daddy was when she was born!”

Ann Marie Lowe
USMC Spouse – 2nd LAR

“I can’t tell you how wonderful the United Through Reading program has been for our family. I truly hope that everyone takes advantage of this wonderful opportunity.”

–Christine Langager
USMC Active Duty Participant