Giving Matters

A simple concept, used to profound effect. Uniting separated families through the powerful read-aloud experience nurtures emotional bonds, cultivates dedicated young readers and transforms homecomings from tentative introductions to joyous celebrations.


The success and reach of United Through Reading relies on the contributions of individuals, family foundations, corporations and private foundations, in fact, nearly 100% of our funding comes from private sources.

We Americans, at all economic levels, believe in philanthropy. Almost three quarters of American households give, on average, $2000 each year to the causes that matter to them. We can count on you. And for that, we are grateful. The sustained, consistent support of our donors is a critical element of our success in continuing our program in service to military families.

Give What You Can

Most Americans who don’t give to charity say they don’t give because they feel they can’t give enough to make a difference. Every dollar makes a difference.

Your simple act of giving today will have profound effect. Please consider giving in whatever way you can, because a broad-base of community support, donations from individuals, families and corporations, is absolutely essential to continue to provide our program to the families we serve.