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Staying Together While Oceans Apart

Deployment is hard.  And hard is an understatement. I know this.  I understood this as a 21-year-old girl out on a date with some Navy guy and telling him why I don’t date guys in the military.  Silly me, I fell head over heels in love with him. Eight years and a baby later, I learned just how … [Read more...]

Help Build Bonds During Month of the Military Child

Military children sacrifice; they support; they endure separations and relocations. These circumstances may seem insurmountable to some, yet these children continue to play a critical part in the military community. This April - Month of the Military Child - we have the opportunity to recognize them … [Read more...]

A Reason to Read Across America

Today, our children have so much on their plates with loads of homework, after school activities, sports practices, music lessons and more. Most kids are just as overscheduled as their parents! With busy schedules and electronics vying for their attention, it's hard to fit in reading time -- even … [Read more...]

United Through Reading’s Tribute to Military Families

  United Through Reading's fourth annual Tribute to Military families will give recognition to the corporate, public policy, and military leaders whose support is vital to mission delivery and will highlight our 40 Million Stories Campaign. Nearly a quarter of a million children in U.S. … [Read more...]

Military Children Catch Kisses!

Catching Kisses and Reading Stories to Reduce Military Child Anxiety. Guest post by: Deborah Diesen Catch a Kiss is a gentle story about a young girl and her mother blowing and catching kisses in their sunny backyard.  It was inspired by the many kisses my children and I blew back and forth when … [Read more...]

What a night! The 2016 Storybook Ball.

The 8th Annual Storybook Ball held in Coronado, California, was a grand success! Thanks to our dedicated supporters, generous donors, passionate board members, advocates and volunteers, and Storybook Ball Event Chairman Charlie Van Vechten, United Through Reading raised more than $250,000 to … [Read more...]

The Passion Behind our Storybook Ball Title Sponsor

As a nonprofit of more than 27 years, there are times when United Through Reading (UTR) takes the time to reflect on our accomplishments. When we do, we can clearly see the supporters who have been holding us up, steadfastly pushing us along, coming through, and helping make our dreams a … [Read more...]

Storybook Ball 2016!

Join us for this year's Storybook Ball. Buy tickets here. … [Read more...]

Today is Read for the Record Day!

Today's the day to help break a world record - and what better way to do that than reading with your children, family, and friends? It's Jumpstart's Read for the Record®, a national campaign intended to bring children and adults together to read the same book, on the same day, in places all … [Read more...]

A BREAK FROM BOMBS – The Eames Family’s United Through Reading Story

In 2006, Gunnery Sgt. Caleb Eames, USMC, had just moved his wife Monette and one-year-old son Jacob to San Diego, California when he received short notice that he would be deploying for the second time to Iraq. It was an extremely difficult and stressful time for him to deploy. Not only would he not … [Read more...]